Free Cocktail at Vodka Revolution 10th - 16th January

Free Cocktail at Vodka Revolution 10th - 16th January

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To celebrate their 15th birthday Vodka Revolutions are offering a free cocktail to everyone who prints the voucher in the link.

The cocktails available are a Strawberry Woo Woo, a Russian Bride or an Igloo.

Hope this is of some use to people!


Brilliant, thank you. x

Excellent thankyou!

Good apart from valid till 9pm don't usually go out till later!

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Yeah its a bit of a shame this is until 9, but I have used these vouchers after 9pm before. Think it just depends who the bar person is.

Good offer, shame the Cambridge one is so full of **** that it makes it rather unlikely i'd take them up on it!

good offer, goes well with the other one on MSE, voucher for buy 1 get 1 free on many drinks, burgers and pizzas, valid everyday till 12 feb. 1 voucher per person per transaction, just print out as many as you want and tick box of your choice of drink, each time you go to bar.…php


Why is Scotland not included???


good offer


Why is Scotland not included???

because they already drink too much


because they already drink too much


Nice spot


because they already drink too much

That's a bit of a sweeping statement!!!!

Scotland has different laws on drinking promotions e.g no happy hours or free drinks!!!

Have been enjoying this promotion (A LOT!) tonight.

Went to Revolution on Matthew Street Liverpool. Bar staff were happy to accept them at first, they were even accepting voucher images off mobile phones. Then suddenly come 7:30pm they decided they'd taken 1000 of them that evening and were going to take no more. Using the good old "management discretion" t&c as a get out clause.

We walked upto the Wood Street Revolution where they were still accepting them. Although they did employ a strict cut off at 9pm as I managed to get served with three at 8:55pm, whereas my mate, who came to the bar 5 mins later, got the knock back.
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