Free Coding Courses this weekend (18&19 Nov) @

Free Coding Courses this weekend (18&19 Nov) @

Found 18th Nov 2017Edited by:"mi5tery"
Hi all,

This weekend if you have some free time and want to brush up on your coding skills or maybe learn something new, head over to They currently have a banner at the top of their site stating:

"Free Weekend is on! ALL our content is free through Sunday!"

I've looked at a few of their courses and they do look good.

Obviously not for everyone - but if you've wanted to learn Python for example (or maybe one of the kids are interested), a great opportunity.

EDIT: If you start a course, you can immediately download the course slides (for all the courses I tried anyway - obviously that doesn't include the video's).
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TBF there is a plethora of free coding stuff out there without having to pay anything but I gave some heat if it interests someone to learn to code.
Their courses are well done, they are better than a lot of the free stuff. Just pass the music at the beginning...
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