Free Coding Courses this weekend (18&19 Nov) @

Free Coding Courses this weekend (18&19 Nov) @

Edited by:"mi5tery"Found 18th Nov 2017
Hi all,

This weekend if you have some free time and want to brush up on your coding skills or maybe learn something new, head over to They currently have a banner at the top of their site stating:

"Free Weekend is on! ALL our content is free through Sunday!"

I've looked at a few of their courses and they do look good.

Obviously not for everyone - but if you've wanted to learn Python for example (or maybe one of the kids are interested), a great opportunity.

EDIT: If you start a course, you can immediately download the course slides (for all the courses I tried anyway - obviously that doesn't include the video's).
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TBF there is a plethora of free coding stuff out there without having to pay anything but I gave some heat if it interests someone to learn to code.
Their courses are well done, they are better than a lot of the free stuff. Just pass the music at the beginning...
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