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Free Coffee @ Caffe Nero for Yoyo Wallet Members
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Free Coffee @ Caffe Nero for Yoyo Wallet Members

Posted 25th Oct 2017Available: National
I just received an email from Yoyo Wallet (as I use them for loyalty points at uni) and they've now partnered with Cafe Nero for their loyalty cards and as a result they're offering a free coffee to members via email.

I redeemed my code already but feel free to try yourselves for a free one if you fancy signing up, its a half decent app. Basically input card details and they act like the payment gateway.

Also if you're already a member check your email!

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Just a heads up, the code needs to be put into the app so it displays as a voucher.
Ohhh, never heard of this app, any details?
KC125th Oct 2017

Ohhh, never heard of this app, any details?

Sure, basically an app which you put your card into and that generates a QR code for you to scan at retailers they’re partnered with. It records loyalty stamps and points too.

"Oh no, this promo code has already reached the maximum number of times it can be used!"

All I've got is; buy a drink before Oct 31 and the next one is free.
Ah bummer, well at least its something to bear in mind anyway for you Cafe Nero fans. I find it much easier to use a digital rewards thing rather than a paper one...and Yoyo does support more companies so maybe all coffee shops will start to use the one app!
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