Free coffee, drink in or take away on a shop @ M&S

Free coffee, drink in or take away on a shop @ M&S

Found 26th Oct 2013
Just bought £1.50 groceries in my local m&s and my receipt says have a coffee on us from 28th October to 2nd nov
Looks like it is a random voucher but it's free !!!!!!
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Don't know why cold votes it is printed on the receipt so should be all m&s
Think it will heat up. Great deal. Is it a voucher on your receipt or free with purchase between those dates?
It's added to tags receipt, can also be used a from the hot counter as a coffee on the go if you store has one
Just spent £30 at my local. No mention of anything on my receipts. Must not be nationwide.
There are a number of offers available and it is a random selection process by the till, some transactions don't get a voucher at all.
I got 2 from the Trafford centre, one from the food hall and the other from the Xmas shop
"Just spent £30 at my local" WOWZERS !
Im a M and S employee and its just luck of the draw really. You get your main reciept and if you are lucky, you get a voucher along with the reciept which could be like 20% off something or a free hot drink in the cafe (i gave that one out today). Doesnt matter how much you spend there, its just luck.
the people in front of me got £10 off a bottle of champagne, I wanted their voucher
It's very random I got £3 off a bottle of port!
It's all set on what sort of products get bought and only certain products click the voucher to come off. Most if the time there rubbish, but the free coffee you don't have to buy anything else in the cafe so good deal I think.
I bought bag of reduced good items and got one too. Voted hot
Oops should read food items'
hand different yypes of vouchers everyday but its 4-5 offers every week or so. this week is either free hot drink, 10 off Louis champagne, 3 off port, 20 percent off custard or yogurt and 25 percent off teas and coffee.. its only certain tills thay give out the vouchrr in my experience. so if the person in front of u got one you will get one regardless hoe much you spend
If you can't replicate the same offer then this should not be posted as a deal. This is just any random offer.
Sorry I voted cold by accident. I got a free coffee too and it's a good deal.
I got the champagne one
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