Free Coffee Pod Sample

Free Coffee Pod Sample

Found 4th Jul 2006
Got a free sample through the door today. It was a strange looking double pod wrapper which you had to "pump" with your thumbs to create a frothy coffee concentrate. You then add hot or cold water for a rich tasty coffee or a cold "iced" coffee. I was very decadent and added cold milk which was really, really scrummy. The free sample was "creamy pleasure" but there is also "white innocence" and "true kick" in the range. They are by Douwe Egberts and I think will be in shops soon.

The leaflet says that you can get another FREE sample by logging on to:-

There is also a chance to win £500 in a prize draw, but you have to say what you thought of the coffee.
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"Site cannot be found" be found for me... ?
It was missing a www. in the url. Fixed now
Ordered - cheers :thumbsup:
sorry I accidentally clicked as expired for a minute ot two, but it's back now :roll:

Thanks for the post

Ordered mine, thank you!
Yes I experienced the "creamy pleasure" and also "white innocence" then got a "true kick "on the backside, when my wife said "stop standing around drinking coffee all day and do some decorating!"

he he thanks, have put in an order.
Cheers just got ordered!!
Just ordered mine!

Just ordered, Thanx!!
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