free Coke Zero
Free bottle of Coke Zero just fill in your detail get coupon emailed to your mail box and redeem at local asda.


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I can't seem to attach picture of Coke Zero bottle

new formula doesn't taste all that

if you use throwawaymail.com/ you can get a ton of these bottles .. i got 20 the last time around

you might have to do a few of the picture verification things on the coke site to just confirm you're not a bot, but it's easy - cut and paste the voucher code number from the email into a text file and just enter them into the self-checkout machines.

despite what asda might tell you, you don't need a physical voucher

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i've just inadvertently discovered a "glitch"

asda are currently doing these bottles at 2 for £2, but the voucher takes off £1.25 as the value of the bottle so if you have two, you get 50p for "free"

it's difficult to do though as most asda staff are specifically trained to ask for physical vouchers so if you're tapping in codes from your phone, the likelihood is that they'll try and stop you - i've only just done it because i told the guy i'd done it in that branch before, which i actually had, and he left me alone.

did it again today .. five bottles, five vouchers and £1.25 off my shopping

did this today and messed up entering 3 of the vouchers so re-entered them and it took even more off my shopping and ended up getting the whole bag for free AND some change ..
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