Free Coke Zero *Today Only* @ Sheffield City Centre

Free Coke Zero *Today Only* @ Sheffield City Centre

Found 5th Mar 2011
Between republic and game shop theres that happiness campaign and just come up and they give you free coke.
No T&C just come up and take one. They do record it and then put bits and bobs on youtube like that one:…j9U
They've got whole van of Coke so get there before it's gone!
Address: Fargate, Sheffield, UK


Awesome, thanks for that, free coke ftw.

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You're welcome. I was on the go grabbed one and thought 'll share it. Was posting it all on the tram :P

They did this in Hull a few weeks ago, had two separate 'teams' giving them out. I was tempted to get another free can from the other people

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they do it all over the world. Cool way of advertising, actually get people to taste it not buy it and be then disappointed if they don't like it.
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