Free Coke Zero with Greggs

Free Coke Zero with Greggs

Found 14th Nov
  • Just received an email about claiming a free Coke Zero using the Greggs Rewards app. Simply scan the reward at the till to claim.


Nope nothing for me

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32432080-TgtWY.jpgDoesn't state whether it's for everyone but it's showing in my Rewards on the app

Nothing for me

Not showing in any of my accounts.

not in mine either

Nothing here too

Nowt for me either

Not on mine

Non on mine, my daughters or my partners accounts

Sadly it's account specific! But heat for the share, and for a reminder to look on the app! Thanks


Oh well,least i still got my studies breakfast to get by the end of the month.

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sherwoodchris43 m ago

[Image] Wahooooooo!

Glad to see I'm not the only one. Enjoy!

Might be worth checking again!!
When I first seen this post I checked but there was no reward. However I’ve just had the email to let me know about the free bottle of coke.

I think they always phase it across to everyone’s accounts.. worth checking it later or tomorrow

wash down your sausage rolls and pies with a coke zero, makes all the difference, heat added op

voted cold i didnt get one.

Not on mine :"(

had mine,and drunk it lol

I've got it!!
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