Free Coldplay Album LeftRightLeftRightLeft

Free Coldplay Album LeftRightLeftRightLeft

Found 9th Jun 2010Made hot 10th Jun 2010
Just enter in an email address to get the download.

Ah, just realised this is pretty old... probably posted here a looooong time ago then.

No. Title Length
1. "Glass of Water" 4:44
2. "42" 4:52
3. "Clocks" 4:40
4. "Strawberry Swing" 4:16
5. "The Hardest Part/Postcards from Far Away" 4:15
6. "Viva la Vida" 5:24
7. "Death Will Never Conquer" (Will Champion, lead vocals) 1:39
8. "Fix You" 5:38
9. "Death and All His Friends" 4:24


Yeah I think it was posted I've got it and i'm sure it was on here :P Good album anyway!

It been available for about a year now ever since there first gig of touring with the album viva la vida but before prospket's march. Still an amazing album really showcases coldplay live performances.

Hot !

Old, but great album for anyone that's not got it.


Very good, love this!

Cheers OP - im a big coldplay fan, and i have never seen this! Thanks for the (re)post! Repped!

Cheers just downloadingnow


cheers mate!

Thanks, I hadn't seen this before.:thumbsup:

Same here, thanks.

HOT thanks!

Had this for a while now and there’s some great live tracks on this album!

For a major artist to give it away FREE is a nice payback for fans.

Hot, hot, hot!

Its old apparently, but I didn't know about it so heat n rep.


not a massive fan but worth a listen.. cheers

I would pay not to have to listen to coldplay tbh

Wow! I never noticed this! Thanks!

Yeah this is a great little cd, they were giving physical copies out after the gig on their last tour, I managed to grab 4!

Definitely worth a download, some brilliant live performances on there.

I keep getting 'the network path could not be found'.

What am I doing wrong or has the offer finished?

last night I tried several times and kept getting error msg for 'the network path could not be found'!!!
but it works fine now :-)
many thanks
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