Free collection of unwanted Furniture / electrical items - British Heart Foundation

Free collection of unwanted Furniture / electrical items - British Heart Foundation

Found 14th Sep 2015
The British Heart Foundation are offering to collection any unwanted furniture or electrical goods from your house so that they can sell this on from their charity shops.

"Don’t throw away your unwanted items. We love to re-use what you don’t want. You can drop them off at our shops and donation banks or arrange a free collection from your home."

Perfect for if like me you are moving house and want to get rid of that tatty old sofa!
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They refused to take our leather sofa as it didn't have the big carelessness causes fire tag on it despite a smaller tag saying complies with BS ignition tests.
so they can sell it on at stupidly inflated prices, have you been in to a BHS store and seen what they charge? quite ironic that they are called British Heart Foundation, I nearly had a coronary when I went to look at a few bits for a young family member that has just moved out.

Better off finding a local group that will take things in and either donate them to people or sell them at a minimal cost to people in need, to cover their expenses.

One of our local ones is and a very good job they do too.

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Better selling them on local facebook sites
I would rather take it to the tip than give it to BHF, they may do some good work but it's big business these days and the shop managers make more than I do, let alone the higher ups!
Give it to a local small charity shop if you want to help a genuine cause,
They only take it if it looks brand new. Better doing what eset says.

the shop managers make more than I do,

Less than £10 ph, apparently. And they have to do weekends.

....Perfect for if like me you are moving house and want to get rid of … ....Perfect for if like me you are moving house and want to get rid of that tatty old sofa!

The trouble is, they won't take your tatty sofa....

We use local ones now so know the money goes where it's supposed to and not to pay for some suit to sit on a beach in the Bahamas....we've also got better quality stuff from our local Freegle/Freecycle sites for free.

We do have some local projects like Eset posted the link to but even some of them get a bit greedy and sort of pointless saying things like "at affordable prices to people on low incomes" when they are even too expensive for those with a small little budget.
I want to get rid of a large American fridge freezer. Thanks.
Booked a collection, hope they take it. I've heard they can be rude or fussy. Anyone know of any other sites that collect goods in west London?
Hi Coffee100,
BHF came 2 weeks ago to pick up two wardrobe from us and some clothes etc. I do understand what others said about they can be fussy. The wardrobes were old fashion but clean and definitely can sell to make some money. They weren't sure in the beginning, took it in the end but the feeling I get from them is like they don't really want to take it. I thought is good to pass it on to charity so they can get some money from it and I am doing a good cause. Truth is, I don't think I will bother next time as I have to wait from 7 to 3pm and on the day they specified. I changed my plan so I can stay home and wait. The good thing is they do text you an hour before. Still, my whole day is pretty much gone.

Would you consider giving your fridge to a homeless charity? I saw the advert on streetlife and I have contacted them myself. I will be giving them my fridge as well.…r6/
If in Cumbria try Impact housing , but no-one will take upholstered furniture which doesnt have a fire safety label on it.
For these items use Freegle or similar -"name of town" will link you to appropriate group.
I do have some sympathy for BHF their aim is to make as much money for BHF - Heart disease research etc - not to provide furniture and items at below market value . They will therefore need to balance what they take with what they can sell and also keeping their donors happy !
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