Free Comme des Garcons Parfum - Black Pepper 1.5ml sample

Free Comme des Garcons Parfum - Black Pepper 1.5ml sample

Found 4th Apr 2017
Hey there,

Click (and scroll and hold space bar and drag) through the four-part 'experience' (takes about 30 seconds) and at the end you get the option to sign up for a free 1.5ml sample of CdG Black Pepper.

It's noted as unisex but I think it edges towards a more masculine scent... and very lovely it is too!

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Better be lovely after trawling through all that pretentious c***! Must admit though all CdG samples I've had have smelt really nice.
Nice marketing. I want it so bad. Too bad i couldn't experience the scent though the PC.
Link doesn't work..:(
1.5ml? is that like 3 sprays
Probably 8-10, but still better than those wipes and scented cards that masquerade under the term 'sample'

Link doesn't work..:(

Very strange... works fine on my iPhone and on Chrome for me oO
Wow, that was hard work!
After the first ingredient I just get a grey screen with a circle cursor with nothing to click on, what do i do?
comme des garcons x supreme collaboration coming next week if anyones interested
Doesn't work for me, keeps crashing.
Something wrong with the address box, does not seem to accept any legitimate address!
Edited by: "iorek_0083" 7th Apr 2017
The address box doesn't work
gave up on that piece of **** oO
hope that nightmare will be worth it, what were these arty-farty peeps thinking
but I do love their other fragrances, wonderwood one of their best
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