free Compeed® Cold Sore Patch sample
free Compeed® Cold Sore Patch sample

free Compeed® Cold Sore Patch sample

To receive a free Compeed® Cold Sore Patch sample, please complete the form below. Please note that free samples are only available while stocks last. Samples will be sent within 28 days.


Thanks = Heat added!


Sorry m8.
Had to vote the cold sore patch cold as the link on the site didn't work.

Works fine for Me. heat added

Apparantly there is a problem with my data. Im only allowed to order one free sample ?
Anyway good deal if it works for you :thumbsup:

I filled this in about three months ago and never got anything but it won't let me apply again

i ordered 1 as well and never got mine so good luck if you do get one



Jees should have read the thread before applying looks like it will be a waste of time....

also these terms were strange is this normal?
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