Free Compost Bin - Lancashire Only
Free Compost Bin - Lancashire Only

Free Compost Bin - Lancashire Only

If you live in Lancashire and want to get hold of a compost bin there are currently three options available to you.
FREE Compost Converter 220l

220 litre composter with hatch.

Limited availability (new customers only and one bin per customer)


Excellent find just ordered heat added thanks :thumbsup:

Hiya. just to say this was posted on a different website and ...Offer is subject to availability and closes 31st December 2006 :-(

£8 for me :x

Also FREE in Glasgow

Worth trying [url]www.RecycleNow.com/compost[/url] (ref KUH04flyer) Free for Kingston Upon Hull. Type in your postcode and it gives you the price for various sized composters

Note that you can also order the free 7L kitchen caddy. Just ordered both. £0.00 delivered - not bad! Many thanks for this - will certainly beat my homemade compost bin! Voted hot.

got mine kitchen caddy free, last year.

In Manchester, ours are £8 each, upto 3 per household.
PM me if you want more details.

just ordered mine. heat added. thanks

Preston council give these away free.:-D

I've had 5 off them so far :whistling:
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