Unfortunately, this deal is no longer available
FREE Compost Bins (location-dependant)
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FREE Compost Bins (location-dependant)

Posted 5th Aug 2009

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

recyclenow.com/com…st/ are giving away free compost bins in certain areas. I tried getting one for myself in Reading, but it came out at £22.

However, tried using my parents address in Burnley and it was free! No credit card, registration etc. just sign up!

Mini caddy: special offer (Scotland)
Free with Convertor 220, Convertor 330, Komp 200 and Komp 800
To qualify for a free caddy at least one compost bin (Con220, Con330, Komp200 or Komp800) must be ordered.

One free caddy per household. This will automatically be included with your delivery.

For organic kitchen waste
Easy to transport to your compost bin
Includes carry handle and close fitting lid
Available in sliver grey

- churchill
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Please forward parents address so I can request one aswell :-)))
Same here, BS40 bristol postcode, they are 22 quid plus a fiver delivery.
Brilliant, thank you!!!

bins starting from £8 (for small gardens)..
£22.00 plus £5 delivery in Leamington Spa
£8.50 plus £5 delivery for Leicester LE5 and LE2 postcodes...

Please forward parents address so I can request one aswell :-)))

I think it's based on county, as when I put other postcodes around the Burnley the site comes up with Lancashire County Council - so they must be part of whatever scheme is being run.

Maybe people can put their counties in and whether it works or not:

Just checked a couple of postcodes in Birmingham and they are £22 plus £5 delivery...
West Yorkshire seems to be £22 as well
£8 for me in dundee
Fulham, London: Free
£7 plus £5 delivery for Hereford and Worcestershire
East Yorkshire £22

North Yorkshire £22
There only £10 from my local council and this offer isn't in my area
£17 plus £5 delivery in Suffolk
22.00 round by me
Lewisham council area £22 +£5 pandp :-(

Lewisham council area £22 +£5 pandp :-(

Middlesbrough £22, plus £5 postage for a piece of plastic they get off us for free anway :roll:

we give them our tins, paper, and plastic, they melt it down and sell it back to us :w00t:
They start off at £8 delivered for my area,east dunbartonshire,and you get a free caddy too:thumbsup: Thanks op. I already have a compost bin but going to order another now. Heat added.

edit. lol I know its not free but still a better price than the shops.
Leicester = £8.50 plus £5 delivery
exeter 22 of your earth pounds
22 in poole dorset:w00t:
North London - comes up as £7 + 5 postage
Gloucestershire is £5 + £5 postage for 330l and free caddy.
Says I have to pay for mine but I just got given one for free from my local council as I reminded them that under Blair there was an scheme put in place in regards to free compost bins. The council tax is still paying for this scheme also so it only took a few phone calls for me to have an apology and a free bin (upgraded in size also for my troubles)
£13 plus £5 delivery in HERTFORDSHIRE.
E7 = £22 + 5
IG3 =£22 +5
For people in Southwark, it's cheaper to buy directly from your local council. It's a subsidised price of £10

Cheers, just ordered one for free from West Lancs council.
Lewisham ( London ) = £22 + £5 p&p
Medway ( Kent ) = £22 + £5 p&p
Cornwall ( St ives ) = £15 + £5 p&p
Guildford ( Surrey ) = £22 + £5 p&p
[COLOR=red]£12 + £5 Delivery = £17[/COLOR]
£3 + £5 Delivery + £8... not to bad.

22 in poole dorset:w00t:

Same here, good to see our high council tax is going to good use!
Doncaster/North Nottinghamshire -£22+ £5
North Lincolnshire - £22 +£5
Argyll & Bute (Helensburgh) - £8 delivered + Free caddy
Lincoln - £22 +£5

Trying to decide if it's worth getting one delivered to the Scottish address, or if the car will be too full to get it home again!
£22 + £5 in Bolton
No compost scheme in North Wales!! But good find, heat added
Walsall - £15 + £5 delivery
Brighton £3+£5 delivery which is not bad at all! Its not free but its still cheap!

My only concern with composting is the fact that no matter what you nearly always end up with mice or rats attracted to your garden - which is not great for me as we have a tiny garden that our 3yr old uses all the time. Don't really want to jeopardise (*sp?) her play area Would love to have a big enough garden to compost stuff in safely though.
Hott for those who can get it for free
I'm in the Romford , Essex area
£3 for bin + £5 delivery

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