Free computer cleaning goody bag
Register for further information on DURABLE Computer Cleaning Week® and receive a FREE Goody Bag containing product samples, bugs, sticky notes, a guide to making your life cleaner and lots more! All you need to GO BUG FREE!


Thanks for this

cheers mate

Thanks for this, have sent off for mine

ive had 1 before from there so its deff a freebie u get :thumbsup:

Many thanks

Cheers mate much appreicated

much appreicated:thumbsup:

Done it thanks - my computer at work is filthy!! The person I job share with eats their sandwiches at the desk :roll:

Sent for mine and added my son as a friend hope we get them thanks for the link..voted hot..


thanks - have sent for one :thumbsup:

Great! My montior needs a clean.

nice one:thumbsup:


Nice one...voted hot!

Thank you :thumbsup:

Thanks for this voted hot!

cool find. my screen is dirty with fingerprints

Dad was going to get something to clean the computer last weekend but didnt have time, will tell him not to bother until I see what this pack has

Thanks for this... good find!

thanks, work will be happy.


i cant order one, it keeps saying info cant be sent, any suggestions?

make sure you put in a phone number email address as I didn't and get same error good find thanks

Thanks, I also voted hot. :thumbsup:

Thanks, hot & rep

link not working now?

Just worked fine for me. Ordered and added some heat, thanks

I registered for one of these cleaning bags last year, and did not receive one. Will see what happens this time.

Just worked for me - now lets see what I get.

Ordered - thanks.

thanks, just done:thumbsup:

thanks for this.

Made me smile because my computer company has the words 'Bug Free' in the title Perhaps I should team up with them ha ha


Thats a great find - Thanks

i love freebies, even rubbish ones cos they are free


Anyone received these?

Original Poster

no,not yet

I think the website crashed!
I keep getting "The Page cannot etc....."
You Swines!!!
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