Free Computer cleaning Goody Bag
There's another computer cleaning week this September and you can get a free goody bag by registering your details via this link. I think this was already done some time around March.


Never received the last one from March!! :x ..but will try again!

Never received either, and I got a

Sorry, your details could not be sent.

No one got this the last time I don't think

Not worth the waste of time imho


Yeah i never got mine before either

well i registered lets see what happens :-)

Never got mine lsst time either, so I won't be bothering again :-(

Me niether. Waste of time I'm afraid:x

dont bother, waste of time..never received anything!

Original Poster

I wish I knew beforehand, would have saved myself some time (I even missed the bus to work to put this on!).

I never recieved my last one either

Didnt get mine either last time...waste of time!!

Never got mine.

Thanks for posting though

Didnt get the last one, doubt I would get this one

You be very lucky! :viking:

thanks will giv a go

Thanks for posting, but i did not receive mine last time either!

This offer keeps being posted but i've never recieved anything.


Original Poster

Maybe they do it so they have your details so they can send you crappy e-mails, luckily I didn't enter an existing e-mail address, and also used a fake phone number.
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