This deal expires on 2 June 2024 at 22:59
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Free cookie / 6 inch Sub / footlong when you signup for new Subway Rewards app - no purchase necessary - Participating Stores

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Free item when you signup for the new Subway rewards app, no purchase necessary. It appears the reward freebie relates to rewards level, most will get a free cookie but some may get a free 6 inch sub or footlong depending on previous spend.

  • Rising star - Free cookie - this is what I got when I tested on a new account
  • Hot shot - Free 6 inch sub - credit
  • The Boss - Free footlong - credit

Need to redeem by 2nd June. Let me know in the comments what you get.




Valid at participating Subway restaurants in the UK. Valid for new and activated subway Rewards members. Cannot combine with other offers. One use. Expires 02.06.2024.

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  1. andrewworrall1's avatar
    52750391-8gDpU.jpgJust signed up and no cookie for me. Free 6 inch sub instead - even better!
    Chanchi32's avatar
    nice - will add to post, seems maybe different rewards on signup
  2. paulcdf's avatar
    Tried to use my points last week, prior to the old loyalty scheme ending.

    At the till was told that the area manager had already turned off their system and I couldn't redeem my points (a week before the scheme ending), so I had to pay.

    Contacted Subway to complain, who have ignored the email. (edited)
    CoolGeezer's avatar
    Subway is all franchise they don't give a toss
  3. boostii's avatar
  4. theo_'s avatar
    Footlong - thanks!
  5. dealhunter6k's avatar
    I am done with this shower. They bombarded me with emails about changing the reward scheme, without reading them I thought it was a fair assumption that your point would carry over but no you've lost everything you've been saving up since day one.
    sm9690's avatar
    If you had taken 10 seconds to read the emails, they all said you need to use your points or they will expire. (edited)
  6. MildmanneredCalvin's avatar
    White chocolate macadamia. The BIZ 🫠🤤
    andrewworrall1's avatar
    I always call it "white chocolate and nut cookie" and the staff always say to me it has nuts in it, asking if that's okay. I suppose they are just doing their job and it's good they ask, I just find it a bit funny when I've just mentioned it has nuts in it by calling it "white chocolate and nut cookie"
  7. itsgun4u's avatar
    New rewards are less generous than was in the now retired app. Like for 200 points you could get a snack like nachos costing £3+ but now 150 points will convert into £1 cash which is less than half of the previous rewards scheme.
    bayhabourbutcher's avatar
    yes before 100 pts would get you a drink possibly costing around £2ish

    now you need around 300 pts to buy a £2 drink
  8. andrewworrall1's avatar
    Thanks OP heat added. Does anyone know if you can use it in conjunction with other offers (eg receipt survey for free drink with a 6 inch sub purchase)? (edited)
  9. SandyOMine's avatar
    Cookie for me 🍪
  10. Stinkydave's avatar
    Noooooooo. All my points have gone.
    komqas's avatar
    Sameeee. I had 1200 points
  11. Rookie10's avatar
    You have to spend £15 to get £1 reward... I wonder if i will be able to order half a cup of coffee?
  12. Avenger1324's avatar
    So they just dumped the previous reward scheme and gave nothing for it transferring into the new one?
  13. jazferbetay's avatar
    i signed up and didnt have the option to get a free sub and i was a new customer to
  14. Moss.b's avatar
    That's a bad offer, even less than the previous sign up. Never take the first offer.
  15. PaulyXi's avatar
    I got a free footlong sub! Thanks OP.
    Chanchi32's avatar
    what level rewards are you, assume 'the boss' ?
  16. jam-tart's avatar
    52750664-PAu7u.jpgAnyone else get this when they try and sign up as new? Tried on three burner email addresses.
  17. 2004ns's avatar
    I used the old rewards yesterday a free coffee and nachos. Just signed up it’s existing details and they have a cookie
  18. TellyLover's avatar
    Just like every other "loyalty" scheme these days, getting nerfed to the ground
  19. naj40's avatar
    Nothing for me
  20. Mind_Craft's avatar
    Give me your details, I will give you a biscuit 😁
  21. Toonah's avatar
    Got a cookie. Which... I mean... "yay".... but I want a footlong sub please
  22. kappaz187's avatar
    I totally forgot to use my old points up too
  23. kapil.paul's avatar
    just everyone is getting the cookie no subs
  24. Waqq's avatar
    People still go to Subway?
  25. Simon_Lilly's avatar
    Free cookie for me
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