Free Copy of Evo Magazine

Free Copy of Evo Magazine

Found 27th Jul 2010
Call 0845 357 8008 and quote reference 'FREE ISSUE OCT' to claim your free issue of Evo Magazine.

Called it just a moment ago, gave my details (name, address) and was told that the issue would arrive within the next three weeks.
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Why has this been voted cold, prey tell?
If you're a petrolhead, this is head and shoulders above the rest. It's virtually automotive p0rn!

If you've never read it, you owe it to yourself to get this free copy and you'll be hooked. The writing is superb, the locations magnificent and the pictures breathtaking.

Well played frakker, heat from me.

Tried calling but the number is dead?

Tried calling but the number is dead?

Apologies, put one too many digits in the number. Have edited the original post now.

Tel: 0845 357 8008
Cool thats my copy on the way.
They are also offerring 4 months for a cost of £1

would give you heat but this site is broken so i cant...thats what happens when you let a retarded tea boy manage an it upgrade
Great mag
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