Free Copy of Men's Health
Free Copy of Men's Health

Free Copy of Men's Health

Whilst looking into the Free copy of FHM which was published here, I've found that they are also offering a free copy of Men's Health (different telephone number)

All offers are shown on letssubscribe.com



do you just get a free one or do you need to subscribe or part with cash?!

It's a completely free copy :thumbsup:

The guy will ask if you want to have the free issue, plus two more issues for the total of £1, but in that case you would need to ensure you phone up and cancel the direct debit before they start charging you the full amount.

I said I wanted to see how good the magazine is before spending any money on it, lol :-D

Their tel no is: 0845 3579999

Thanks OP!

isn't this a gay magazine? Not that there's anything wrong with gays or magazines or indeed gay magazines, it's just that I'm a raving puff and really don't want my 6 year old daughter and wife to know...
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