FREE copy of the economist (no card details required) then 12 for £1!
FREE copy of the economist (no card details required) then 12 for £1!

FREE copy of the economist (no card details required) then 12 for £1!

FREE copy of The Economist - no card details required and no strings attached.(this is the newest version of the old deal which expires at the end of this month.) Just text ECON220 to 60300 for a call back OR call 0845 357 8006 quoting QJZ8
(and apparently only £1 for your first 12 copies if you choose to sign up and "The World in 2010 if you sign up and also decide to pay by direct debit)



how much does it cost to text them?


rubbish mag but ok if you can stand the sales pitch to get the freebie

i do economics for a level, so might be worth a read if the text is free :s

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normal network rates - will double check that when I get home and let you know if any different! I figure definitely worth a read if you're doing Economics A Level

wouldn't say it was much of a sales pitch!! giving them your details....
then asked if i'd read before, which i have.................... i was then offered the next twelve magazines for a £1!!!
direct debit ,cancel at anytime after but before 13th copy!
excellent deal in my opinion and deserves plenty of heat!!!!!!!!!! so from that and rep

fantastic mag, would def do this if I didn't already subscribe! totally recommend it to anybody who's remotely interested in the world around them :thumbsup:

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wow 12 for £1 is impressive! Also yes, texts charged at normal network rates.

awesome will get this tonight then, especially sicne i want to go on and go an economics degree (or investment banking degree) love economics, easily my best subject haha got A in my first module results came last week

wonder if they'll neogiate a year for around £30 or so :P

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well done on the A one of my sons is going to do econometrics at uni Good luck with your negotiations!

haha thanks, ended up with AAB for first set of results, tell your son good luck on his course never heard of econometrics before though :P

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neither had I! Apparently it's the stats end of economics


Its a symptom of the relentless dumbing down of education in the UK.
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