Free Cosmetics Gift at Superdrug TODAY ONLY
Free Cosmetics Gift at Superdrug TODAY ONLY

Free Cosmetics Gift at Superdrug TODAY ONLY

Today you can pick up a free Colour Works cosmetic gift worth up to £4.99 at Superdrug to celebrate the stores beauty weekend.
I can't find a link to this, sorry. You just need to cut out the token in todays Daily Mail and take it in. It looks good to me. There are make-up brushes, sponges, mirror? nail brush, tweesers and other items.


Got todays daily mail but havent read it yet, now know to look out for this thanks

Grrrrrr our local superdrug doesnt have any of them because they said the delivery was delayed and the stuff wouldnt arrive until monday. Asked if they would honour the voucher on monday then and was told that they wouldnt because the offer was today only!

Wasted journey for my aunty!

That is sooooo annoying.:viking:

Debenhams have done this to me a couple of times with their free
offers for cosmetics (which, to be fair, is probably the fault of the
particular cosmetic supplier). They take the voucher with your name
and address but apologise for the lack of stocks. Then tell you they
will send the freebie through the post ASAP. You can see the
assistants nose growing as she speaks.:x

Well my aunty made a trip out just to get it, and purchased the newspaper herself when she doesnt normally get the daily mail.

Stupid superdrug

Original Poster

Sorry none of you got the deal (me included). I did manage to see one though, a man, two customers in front of me got the last one!!!???!!! Although I did get a lovely body shimmer brush and shimmer.

If only I had gone to Superdrug before I went to W.H. Smiths for my free Jane Austen book. Decisions, decisions.

Awwww at least you got something the other freebies looked good too
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