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Posted 6 February 2023

Free Costa Coffee at One Stop

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Get a Free COSTA at One Stop
One Stop is excited to announce that we are working in partnership with COSTA, to offer one free drink per customer from COSTA Express Machines across a range of One Stop stores. This special offer is taking place on Thursday 9th February. Customers will be able to choose from a wide variety of drinks which are available from the machine.

This offer will be available on the day until stocks last, so customers will have to be quick to take advantage of the free drink offer. Simply visit one of our One Stop locations with a COSTA Express service on February 9th 2023 and enjoy a free cup of your favourite coffee.

In addition to your free coffee, be sure to take advantage of the many great deals and discounts available at One Stop. We hope to see you there and thank you again for shopping with us. Be sure to come in early to avoid disappointment

T&C link - costa.co.uk/terms-and-conditions
One Stop More details at
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  1. jase.2's avatar
    I feel for the one stop staff on this day as last time it was just crazy with people in long queues to get coffee for free and arguing with staff who wouldn’t let them have more than one 

    silly offer and it should have done it via the costa app to control it 
  2. jabbag's avatar
    I got one this morning. Nothing showed on the screen about the offer, it just showed a price of £0.00 for each drink.
  3. Gollywood's avatar
    Just checked my local, 28 reviews, average rating 1.2 out of 5. Mostly accused of overcharging, bad attitude etc

    I can't see the the owners wanting anyone to leave with something for free!!! I might pass on this one
    Kammykay's avatar
    Anything above 1 is a bonus in these establishments! It's a free drink at a shop in the middle of a council estate. Not a high class caviar outlet
  4. rob.watkins's avatar
    Are you allowed large size free?
    robot1000's avatar
    Yes, it's all free. Although they just seem to add additional hot water to make a medium drink large
  5. dcarebear's avatar
    Do we not need a barcode or anything? You just go in and ask for the free drink?
    moonspook's avatar
    The last one of these I participated in, you made your coffee from the machine then had to go to the till so they ring it up with a barcode as free, presumably so they can claim the cost back from suppliers.
  6. huhunter's avatar
    Went today in the morning… guy before me paid 2.90 for coffee. I asked about promotion and I was told that store doesn’t take part in promotion as it is franchise. Than I showed on the website that this store participate as per term & conditions - than I was told that owner didn’t inform store staff so no. Contacted one stop customer service and gave them my experience- they told me that stores decide on their own if they take part in promotion - so I said that they do false advertising as on their website it shows that store participate - so I was asked to call Costa to complain about that. Pathetic… 3rd world customer service
    kit-cat's avatar
    You should have gotten the coffee drunk it and then discussed the small print... The false advertising bit to the owner who then wanted you to pay. What you said is true many will come on the back of an advertisement.
  7. princess221065's avatar
    None in London
  8. flex's avatar
    Can’t get the store location webpage to open.
    deleted2784183's avatar
    None in Scotland anyway
  9. jnigel26's avatar
    Why would I bother? I get a FREE Nero coffee every day in Waitrose (usual price £2.80) and ‘free’ daily newspaper - all on Waitrose app. Catch? You have to take your own cup/mug …big deal!
    idkwmpsb's avatar
    How do you do that - please share! I have a mywaitrose card somewhere, didn't realise you can get Nero coffee in Waitrose?
  10. marianne.lawrowitsch's avatar
    In the Audenshaw store. The staff have been told that they can give away 300 free cups
  11. GBSport's avatar
    Tastes like what I imagine to be boiled smokers phlegm… 😬
    Gollywood's avatar
    Sounds like you've experienced it...
  12. SillySausages's avatar
    Last time this blew up, it was mad, streets blocked, people carrying STACKS of coffee, selling out, fighting....
  13. ZakBailey's avatar
    Not nice drinks from machine nothing like drinks in store
    Spudsy87's avatar
    Because the filters etc in the machine are probably left unchanged for too long.
  14. xembox's avatar
    Just got mine, much needed after 4 hours sleep with a 10 week old baby!
    BodisBest's avatar
    Maybe coffee isn't the best thing for a 10 week old baby.
  15. SleepyTiger's avatar
    Wow, my local has removed the machine this week but put up a big costa banner with a coming soon slogan. What coincidental timing
    Ruth.Renata's avatar
    Mine is exactly the same. Coming soon! And outside they still have the costa sign and costa stickers on the window
  16. 1982john's avatar
    They're not as bad as the snobs are making out but go with the double expresso to avoid the milk
  17. Steevie72's avatar
    If it was for a free cold beer, I might be tempted. Not queuing up for a coffee. So it’s lucky I don’t like coffee.
  18. bobbyj1984's avatar
    Missing town / city from participating stores list so needed to find exact postcode of nearest shop then search list for that, bit lame.
    SC.Dan's avatar
    Feels deliberate!
  19. kit-cat's avatar
    I think people should complain to the company or companies doing the promotions about shops showing they are participating in a promotion but then saying that as we are a franchise we can choice not to regardless of what is stated on line. Or else this will be the pattern for many offers. Look how many franchise Costa's there are and Pret's will be following.
  20. jamie15's avatar
    Good deal, heat added
  21. loader21's avatar
    Not alot of good, not one in the TR post code area
    Arkz's avatar
    You're not missing anything, except perhaps an infection.
  22. sdzak's avatar
    Nothing near me
  23. devdas121's avatar
    Very much doubtful if store owners will allow it.
  24. casasteve's avatar
    Weirdly, I have two OneStops in my village within a 3 min walk from each other, and both are participating.
    juggler1's avatar
    How can you tell which are participating in the offer please?
  25. BodisBest's avatar
    Free is free, can't be worse than Greggs.
  26. MoneySavingPunjabi's avatar
    Nothing showing up on my app
    flegg's avatar
    Which app?
  27. Justsuperman's avatar
    Just had mine can’t complain for free
    Ruth.Renata's avatar
    How did it go? Did you just grab it from the machine or has to go to the till?
  28. Ruth.Renata's avatar
    1 per customer for 1 visit right? So i can just keep coming every few hrs?
    does it has to be adult? If i come with my  kids can all of us get it for free?
    brett.hollins's avatar
    Don't be a dooshbag 🤦
  29. EndemicAlarm's avatar
    I'm mildly fascinated by how Costa have managed to be rubbish even at this. Hardly any participants, it doesn't tell you how the offer works, and you have to look up places yourself using the postcode. Amazing. (edited)
  30. andykww's avatar
    I'm expecting to see "Not in Service" labels on machines throughout the day.
  31. teresaborly's avatar
    Our one stop not got any since before Christmas
  32. kit-cat's avatar
    They are all too far away, by the time I get back my coffee would be cold.
    flegg's avatar
    Why would you need to get back home to drink it?
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