Free Costa Coffee Card @ Costa Coffee

Free Costa Coffee Card @ Costa Coffee

Found 1st Feb 2011Made hot 1st Feb 2011
100 points for registering your card.

For extra points you click on the Win A Trip To Rome box (bottom right) Then you get a chance for extra points and entered into the comp for a trip to Rome.

I got a total of 495 points on my card (£4.95)

Many thanks to Ms Thrifty at FMUK


cool, just got an extra 185 points , voted hot

Yay - won 185 points. Nearly a coffee!

115 points, thanks

185 points ...cheers...should we pick up a few cards, get the 100 for registration and then some from the game ?????????

Thanks for posting. Both my wife and I have a card wanyway and are now the happy owners of extra points worth two free coffee's. So very happy


and i'm not just speaking about the coffee.:p (boom boom tsss)

i got 175 points next time i'm in town i'm getting a muffin.

thanx again

Cheers OP! Nice one..

cheers OP just got another 175 points on my card! takes me up to 600odd

just won a flat white woo hoo

cool. I must try this when I find my card

cool, won 395 points, been registered for a while but didn't know about the comp.


Can you apply online for a card>

Thx OP.


Can you apply online for a card>

I don't think so, you need to pick up a card from the shop ( free of charge ) then take the card details and register it online, the next time you swipe your card instore it will add you extra points


Can you apply online for a card>

unfortunalty not

you pick a card up at a costa cafe and register it online.
you get 100 points for doing this

285 points in total thats £2.85 to spend extra ...brilliant! thanks mate!

Excellent thanx OP! Got 395 points added to my tired old card....24 hours later i think i'll treat a colleague to a 'free' coffee!

Thanks a bunch, got loads of points on different cards, one for me, mum n dad, all quite big winners for us to have coffees with when near a costa. Great incentive, will keep me on their website and using them over starbucks anywhoo!

awesome :-D, tbh costa cards are rubbish compared with starbucks cards in terms of what you have to spend to get anything back but still 185 points for free is good :-). can get my 2nd free coffee now!

do prefer costa coffee to starbucks coffee at least


210 points for me

Thanks very much

I got 1160 points on my card now . . . Its a competition between me and The love of my life, Im winning so far!!!
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