Free Costa Coffee Card Points

Free Costa Coffee Card Points

Found 18th Oct 2013
Not sure if everyone wins but I got 215 free points and they claim they are giving away 5,000,000 today - Simply log into to your costa card account and choose one of three options for free points to the value of whatever drink you select.

Link To Promo:
- jonathoncreek

Click On Promotion Once followed Link
- jonathoncreek


thanks op

Thanks OP


Thank you. I got enough points for a muffin!


Thanks for posting. :-)


Thanks :-)

**** 35 points

Won a muffin's worth thanks
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Won a muffins worth and espresso shot

Thx op.When do the points get added - I won a muffin too

Original Poster

They say within an hour, mine are showing up on the site now and i did it about 90 minutes ago

Just won 295 points, thanks.

Thanks op, just won a free shot of espresso (35 points!)

Sweeet as a muffin! Cheers

Thanks just gotta teacake,165points!

I got a free cup of coffee cheers

thanks.. for the find

35 points - wow.....
I still gave you heat

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Only 35 points but better than nothing.

Thanks! Won 185 points this time!

a shot of syrup lol, thanks op :P

Thanks. Got myself 185 points

got myself a free coffee!

I got 265 points, enough for a hot chocolate. Thanks for posting op. Heat added.

Muffin here too!

Thanks won a muffin - 185 points

Won enough for a hot choc! Thanks

got 215 thanks OP.x

Thank you!
Just got 285 points for a Toffee Not Caffe Caramella!!!

only got a free shot, but thanks!

only 35 points but still better than a slap with a wet fish

Just got an espresso (35 points). Thanks!

Also got 35 points...

35 points

we got a muffin

Free Espresso Shot, which is better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick. Thanks, OP.

Only got 35 points, but still voted hot as it's something for nothing

Boo 35 points. Better than a kick in the dick though.
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