Free crisps at Scottish Spar shops

Free crisps at Scottish Spar shops

Found 21st May 2007
Simply select the offers you want, most likely the 2 free bags of crisps, then hit submit at the bottom of the page.

This will only work in Spar shops in Scotland.

- Ade2j


Too bad I don't like in Scatland.

Now now...

Hey dont make rude comments, Im Scottish

I think he meant "live" in scatland.

Im Scottish too...

but to be honest i dont like Scotland:giggle:

I think its great, better than smelly London(no offense) you have your good and bad areas, Yorkshire is nice in England, the Lakes are nice, but the big Citys are horrible pretty much, I love the nice Scottish countryside, Wouldnt live in Paisley in Scotland for obvious reasons lol

And here starts the great Scotland/England argument. Stop it before it begins, please!
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