Free Cuddly Toy Cow From Cow And Gate
Free Cuddly Toy Cow From Cow And Gate

Free Cuddly Toy Cow From Cow And Gate

Simply register and quote: EEWDC to get your FREE Cuddly Cow


"By giving us your address you are agreeing to receive special offers and tips from us by post. "

got the cow soft toy freebie through the post before, heat added.

good freebie hot

feel weird making up info about a non-existant baby!


:whistling: I know what you mean about the fictional baby but I don't feel too bad as I've ordered one for my 18 month old neice - H&R added

Well I've ordered one so I can hopefully use it in school, Old macdonald or the like or sure the kids would like it in the book/teddy corner.

It just felt rather odd- glad my BF wasn't looking over my shoulder! He'd have had a fit: 'due date; 18 DECEMBER 2008' lol!!

forgot to say I voted hot.

I have had this before, and not had any spam email or letters


Again, strange feeing about the fictional baby!

[COLOR=purple]Thanks, heated and repped[/COLOR] :thumbsup:

apparently im having a baby on chistmas day :w00t:
thanks for the freebie

Registered and apparently having a baby on 14th January 2009 pmsl :thumbsup:

I've had a couple of these in the past, nice for free for your children.


nice one thanks! My 'baby' is due on 7th January 2009

Thanks got for my grandson :thumbsup: heat added,

Thanks, voted hot!

that's for family will have baby soon.

thank you will come in very handy

lol..... rep + heat added
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