free customised mousemat + £2.30 p&p @ Vistaprint
free customised mousemat + £2.30 p&p @ Vistaprint

free customised mousemat + £2.30 p&p @ Vistaprint

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just pay £2.30 p&p



this should go in DEALs as its not free unless you can pick it up?

they send tons of junk mails...

Every newsletter i get from them, they are offering free stuff.

The catch is that non of the free stuff are really decent, you'd need to pay premium to get upgrades - even if they are good, the postage is still alot. Not to mention you'd can only get about 4 free items each time.

If you want it delivered quickly, you'd also have to pay throught the nose.

But hey, if you know what you want, they are great!

these guys misslead in a big way... free turns out to cost £25, no joke, cold deal and as a company they are

absolute zero ( -273.5 C)

With the money they waste on junk mail they would be better giving things away with free postage too.

But there is always free business cards etc, of course you pay the postage. Not bad for a one off or emergency job.

I know of no such issues till now, worth looking into further, thanks mate.

Oh amazon.co.uk send out their junk leaflet in mainly all of my amazon orders, any connection there?

AVOID!!! These people are crooks and the quality of their stuff is awful!! If you gave me a Vistaprint business card, I specifically wouldn't use your services - If you care so little about your business that you'd hand me a piece of Vistaprint rubbish, then why would I think you'll treat my business any better? Spend £30 elsewhere on some decent stuff, where you don't have to worry about your card details being stolen.

Mods should be removing Vistaprint posts immediately. They are the biggest SCAM artists ever, avoid like the plague. They will get their fingers into your account and milk it! Every customer is signed up to a Direct Debit or Credit Card Mandate of £9.95 per month. If you try and cancel you will still pay at least 1 or 2 x £9.95.
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