free daily mp3 download @ NME
free daily mp3 download @ NME

free daily mp3 download @ NME

first post so please be kind!

just click on blogs at top of page and then daily download and a list will appear on the left of recent free mp3 available for download,

eg La Roux, Bjork, Yeah Yeah Yeahs etc...

apologies if already posted,did check though.


great find..i'l be downloading form here daily!

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no probs, you can get a load off there going back a while....

Anyone know why this is getting voted cold? Unless I'm missing something while not being able to listen (at work), it looks like a good selection of independent music, all MP3 and region/DRM free...

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thats what i thought dude!

It wasn't me, I voted hot!
Cold voters explain yourselves!

Its probably getting voted cold because of the type of music. usually the way it works here. free mp3 sounds good to me hot hot

thanks i just joined so that it reminds me

Thanks, some decent mp3's in there

omg thanx

nice find lad... HOT

Hopefully some other sites might follow - not my type of music though

thanks op heat added

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thanks op heat added

why thank you young lady:thumbsup:
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