Free Dairy Milk at Woolworths this Friday
Free Dairy Milk at Woolworths this Friday

Free Dairy Milk at Woolworths this Friday


Was just about to post this!


mmm....Yummy ...........

Oh Yummmy .... last time with the mini eggs I printed off loads and took them to each till .. with no problems THANK YOU x

Yum - i lurve dairy milk :thumbsup: thanks for this

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Heat and rep, Mmmmmm!

Just what you need to get that Friday Feeling - Heat and Rep added :thumbsup:

Cheers Den38, will print a few off and make a vist to several tills :thumbsup:

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Hot thanks x

cheers, hot ...........

spectacular find!! Heat and rep added

can't argue with free chocolate! thanks


can't argue with free chocolate! thanks

I can, I'm on a diet and the Woolies in Leicester closed down....

arghhhhhh no fair!! lol

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Top stuff, thanks very much. Voted Hot !

I nearly missed this in the email before I deleted it - thankfully I spied it and printed off two vouchers.


Great, I'll be wizzing down to Woollies tomorrow!

You cant go wrong with free chocolate!!!

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Thanks for giving me diabetes.....

just kidding, voted hot!

That's awesome, everyone from my school will hear about this! Poor Woolworths! Hot

:-D Thanks!

I didn't manage to get the mini eggs because they didn;'t have any but a DM? They'll certainly have them lol.


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BUMPING for today so people dont miss out!
I've got mine

Bah, I just saw this, and I was in Woolies earlier on as well. Oh well....

Hot chocolate!

Did it today with a friend and it worked fine!

FREE CHOCOLATe... why did it have to last a day though lol?
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