FREE Davina fitness app @ iTunes

FREE Davina fitness app @ iTunes

Found 6th Jan 2013
Good app with quite a few free workouts available ranging from beginner to experienced.

Unlike the DVDs , it shows you the exercises then leaves you to get on with it (with the added bonus it times you!)

Workouts are timed in 20 min blocks , targeting different areas such as core, abs etc

You also have the option to upgrade for personal training for 1.49 although I have no experience of this!

Hope this helps some of you who are trying to get fit in 2013;)
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a review....

"free"? I don't think so!

by *ltsp*
None of the videos have any sound on and to do anything much on it you have to upgrade for £1.49. I feel a bit cheated by getting this "free" app then being told I need to pay for an upgrade to make full use of it. Very
Well I found it fine on an iPad but you are obviously the expert;)
Well I can see you are a bunch of gym bunnies on here!! It's free ffs!
If there's any pictures of Davina McCall on there, it might be worth a look.
Yes loads of naked pictures

Yes loads of naked pictures

Heat added.

Yes loads of naked pictures

oooh! scorchio! Heat Added
Edited by: "Boz" 7th Jan 2013
Its free and its all good too
Thanks glad someone appreciates

I have been using it and genuinely think its great for free- shame others don't agree!
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