Free day pass at Pure Gym

Free day pass at Pure Gym

Found 7th Jan 2015
Enter the code 4FREE on the website in the "Promotional codes" bit when booking a day pass to it get for free!


Is it available to everybody or just Students. There is a field to tick if you are a Student ?

Thanks just got my pin for free pass

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It's for everyone, the student tick box is to get a student discount when it isn't free


Yes Lad, its packed at the moment though. All these new year reser's

Thanks so much for sharing this! Got my pass. Going this week.

good deal

does it work at them all because it just keeps coming up invalid campaign

Anyone got a day pass code for this month?

Im also looking for a promo code for the month

If you use the code 'Welcomefriend' that worked for me


Welcomefriend works

I can confirm this works

Welcomefriend works

Anyone kno a promotion code for Pure Gym Northolt asap
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