Free DC Digital Comics @ Forbidden Planet

Free DC Digital Comics @ Forbidden Planet

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Found 25th Apr 2012
Forbidden Planet have a shed load of free digital comics i.e. 184 in total; some are a bit naff such as the weekly previews; however there are a load of complete issues free, and damn fine titles too, including some quite old / retro stuff (for some you need to be over 18 to read so you must be signed in). Click on 'Go To Deal' link then select 'Free Comics' option.

A few that stood out for me where:-

Swamp Thing (1972 -76) - Issue 1
Batman : Night of The Owls - Issue 1
Girl With The Dragon Tatoo : Special - Issue 1
Legion of Superheroes 101
Batman - Gotham Knights - Issue 1
Impule - Issue 1
Robin (1993- 2009) - Issue 1
Sensation Comics - Issue 1 (Wonder Woman)
Wonder Woman 101
Green Lantern 101
Secret Origin of The Green Lantern - Issue 1
Sidewise - Issue 1
The Origin of Black Canary - Issue 1
The Origin of Starman - Issue 1
The Origin of Penguin
The Origin of Joker
The Origin of Ra's Al Ghul
The Origin of Nightwing
The Origin of Superman
Batman : Shadow of The Bat - Issue 1
Superman 101


Alternatively you could go to Comixology directly. The flash version on Forbidden Planet was very slow for me.

this is a great deal as my sons love this
heat added thanks

Nice one Andy.

Thanks, it'll be a chance of a change from Marvel Digital ... although I do prefer Marvel

Awesome, thansk

Cheers great deal
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