FREE Deep Freeze Cold Patch

FREE Deep Freeze Cold Patch

Found 31st Jul 2007
Just fill in the form and click SEND. We'll get a Deep Freeze Cold Patch to you as soon as possible. Absolutely FREE.

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Thanks for letting us know I have sent off for mine and it says on its way!
nice one
Thanks massmail666, voted hottie.
Thank you. This should be useful for my old sports injury that still plays up, maybe I can stop munching pain killers!
Thanks op. Heated up the Deep Freeze!
I never got mine the first time around!!!!
Is this deal cold ???

Already … Already posted.

Thought I seen this some where.
Why is it that some reposted deals stay while others get taken off as 'duplicates'? Surely this is a duplicate.
Ordered before but nothing turned up. sorry voted cold.

hay i did search before i posted and couldnt find anything! :x :x

Hey who cares I missed it first time round

nice post, great for my sprained ankle.

whats with the tags tho???
I think it is a draw for them, in the terms is says winners will be notified in October
Voted Hot, Thank you!
I APPLIED ABOUT 3 WEEKS ago and never seen a thing either, prob just to get emails and addresses

hay i did search before i posted and couldnt find anything! :x :x

Amazing what you can find by typing Deep Freeze in the seach bar :whistling:

No seriously I just remembered this deal being posted not too long ago.
sent off for it the last time and got a bag of nowt!:x
Dito i got nothing last time
If this was used to get email addresses just put them as spam
Yeah i sent off for one of these a few weeks back but had nothing. Just tried again, but wont hold my breath.
Thanks for that one. Does anyone else think that that site is seriously irresponsible though? The general theme seems to be 'don't worry about the injury. Make it worse and slap our miracle cure on after'
What's with spamming using the tags for xbox 360 and playstation?

Tags: xbox 360, wii, ps3


Unless you're using it to cool an overheating PSU, I can't see the connection, except for tag spamming..

I never got mine the first time around!!!!

nor me.

cold until i receive it!
Think I applied for this last time but never received it...
:[FONT="Comic Sans MS"]thumbsup: Many thanks for this my kids are accident prone, so it will come in handy!!!If it turns up:[/FONT]thumbsup:
Have applied for this before and nothing turned up
Already been posted and i sent of and never recieved voted cold
Cheers fingers crossed i get 1 as a handy freebie to have in the 1st aid kit! :thumbsup:
Yeah, I ordered this via the previous posting and nothing to date has turned up :-(
Already posted 2 weeks ago - hasn't arrived yet
Just ordered, thanks op.:thumbsup:
just ordered hope:thumbsup: it turns up
Turned up for me the other day! Nice!
got mine today..will come useful for my bad back! many thanks.
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