Free Delivery and 15% off (no minimum spend workaround)

Free Delivery and 15% off (no minimum spend workaround)

Found 28th Nov 2007
I just placed an order with Body Shop, after entering in the code DHAD000325 to get 15% of my order, decided at the last minute that I didnt want a few items. I then removed items from my basket and bought the body butter at £12.

The £15 discount and free delivery was still there, even though it said that free delivery only applicable to orders over £20

I used QUIDCO to and got my 12% tracked.

Might be useful to someone!
Heres what my corfirmed order looked like
Item Price Qty Total

Mango Body Butter (Very Dry Skin)
(Mango Body Butter (Very Dry Skin) - 200ml) £12.00 1 £12.00

Sub Total: £12.00
Postage & Packing: £0.00
Total Discount: -£1.80
Total (inc. £1.51 VAT) £10.20

Should read 15% discount, not £15 discount...sorry for the typo.
Just checked my account, and its confirmed, The Body Shop have only taken £10.20 so that means free delivery!

- themathsgeek

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