Free Delivery at Tesco Direct ?
Free Delivery at Tesco Direct  ?

Free Delivery at Tesco Direct ?

hi , just saw this on another forum so thought id post it here for people ...

dnt know how useful it will be but might help some one

when buying a larger item that cant be delivered to store (or if you just cant be bothered to do collect at store for free :-D).....If you buy a £9.71 phone (Samsung E1120) delivery for the whole order works out free (tesco direct ongoing offer). i then found that CEX will buy the phone for £11 cash or £14 trade in. You even get sent a freepost jiffy bag for your phone. A modest £1.29 profit and free delivery


think i saw it a couple of weeks ago but prob worth posting again. tesco were doing an alcatel phone for £5.49 at the time, so you pretty much got a free phone.


what other forum ??

Was a better deal when the £5.49 phone was available ;-) only 49p more than delivery, I posted that a while ago. Price on CEX will crash now this has been posted, so be quick!

Bit of a hassle + surely this should be in Misc

you could always take the phone back to youre nearest tesco for a refund too... I was considering doing it just o get bulky items delivered to my door
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