free delivery on all orders @ debenhams
free delivery on all orders @ debenhams

free delivery on all orders @ debenhams

Free delivery (31 August - 11 September 2010)
Free delivery and returns applies to all orders online at debenhams.com. This offer is not available on international orders, debenhamskitchenappliances.com, debenhamselectricals.com, debenhamscurtains.com, debenhamspersonalisedart.com, hallmark.co.uk/deb…ams, debenhamstailoredshirts.com, debenhamsdesignerflowers.com, debenhamsentertainment.com, Debenhams Gift Vouchers and Gifts Cards, Debenhams Personalised Wedding Stationery, Debenhams Wedding Gift Lists, Debenhams Flowers, Debenhams Wine and Champagne and Financial Services. Delivery is normally charged at £3.99 per delivery address irrespective of the number or type of items. For full delivery information, please refer to ‘Delivery information’ within the ‘Customer Services’ section of debenhams.com. The offer is valid until Saturday 11 September.


Their delivery service was terrible when I paid for it, I can only but imagine how poor it is for free!
If you need it in a rush then don't bother.

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I'm not on commission from debenhams!!
But i have to say i've ordered many items from them and have had no problems so far. My items get delivered by a local courier who is always polite and has even given me their number should i have a problem.:)

I too have had no problems with delivery from Debs Thanks for this.Dont forget Quidco

Never had any problem with Debenhams delivery...good return service as well.

Delivery service is a mixed bag. Sometimes your order gets delivered the next day after dispatch and sometimes it takes 5 days. The worst thing is there is no way to contact the courier prior to delivery. Even Debenhams once said they are unable to contact the courier in case of non-deliveries. The only thing they can do is to wait 2 weeks and offer me a refund.

No problems with them so far

I have never had any problems with their delivery service, in fact it normally arrives ridiculously quickly! Their mega-day sale is due to start next week (again!), so keep your eyes open.

I am getting worried as I ordered 2 Tiara's last Saturday for my wedding in a month’s time (I paid for delivery) and still have not received them. I had a look at some reviews on-line yesterday and it appears there service can be appalling at times. Wish I had read these before but hindsight is a great thing. I Never gave it a though really as I just thought Debenhams are a good reputable company.

The only reason I was looking at reviews was because I was trying to find out how my order would be delivered as they have sent me an e-mail saying it has been dispatched and that I can track it with the number in the e-mail but under the heading parcel reference it says ‘none’ so not very helpful. According to the reviews Debenhams use various delivery methods so again not very helpful.

Some customers have had really awful experiences with delivery’s refunds etc.

Fingers crossed I receive my goods some time soon as I can’t afford to spend £60 odd pound and not receive my goods as one would expect.


Thanks for the tip Not ready yet, I hate paying for delivery so this is great!

I've never had any issues with Debenhams deliveries either
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