Free delivery on all orders over £24.99 inc vat EBUYER
Free delivery on all orders over £24.99 inc vat  EBUYER

Free delivery on all orders over £24.99 inc vat EBUYER

Shown on the ebuyer front page of their site.

Free delivery on all orders over £24.99 inc vat Until sunday midnight


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why so cold, it hasn't been already posted as far as i can see with the new design, plus an offer was on like this before and it was rated hot

Heated it up a bit, though I think this has been posted before I don't think that's why it's being voted cold...think a lot of people are just voting things cold out of spite at the moment.

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yea probely im finding new site difficult aswell but im not that childish , well the only one i found that was posted was last weekend unless theres one i missed, plus just when i came in to post this it dropped again

[size=2]I posted the following last weekend when eBuyer did this deal and so I'll post it again here in case the confusion arises again..

There's actually two seperate delivery deals going on here at eBuyer this weekend, probably done on purpose to confuse people... and it worked!

1) Orders over £24.99 inc vat placed prior to 11:59pm Sunday 16th Dec AND with Super Saver Delivery chosen will have free shipping. You will receive it within the shown timeframe at checkout. From Mon 12:00am onwards it will go back up to the usual "Orders over £49.99 inc vat" for free super saver delivery.

2) Any value order placed prior to 3:00pm Sunday 16th Dec AND with Next Day Delivery (NOT FREE) chosen will be dispatched this weekend and you'll receive it on Monday. Previously, next day orders placed on weekends were processed on the following Monday and you would have received it Tuesday.

So if you want to buy something cheap (still over £24.99 inc vat) but can wait for it then go for number 1. If you are desperate to receive something by Monday and are willing to pay for the next day delivery then go for number 2.


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Been posted … Been posted before:http://www.hotukdeals.com/item/123191/free-delivers-on-all-orders-over-24/all/all/hot/

ywa but that was last friday for that weekend unless it meant for everyweekend from now on

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aww well its a ruined thread now its minus 10 and just is on the downslope, everyones acting childish with the new site

its far too cold here!! heated things up, lol

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thanks not appearing as a hot offer prob if i had of held off till tonight i would have got a better response than the cold time, although i could have possibly not have got the credit for finding it as it would prob have been posted

i guess people are voting this cold as you're unlikely to get anything before xmas now with the free super saver delivery - probably why they're doing the next day delivery offer too.

plus the ireland moaners ;-)

[FONT=Arial][SIZE=2]Voted hot! Had an order waiting to be shipped, but I needed to add another item to it. Item added, reselected super-saver delivery, and now the delivery is free[/SIZE][/FONT] :thumbsup:
[FONT=Arial][SIZE=2]Deliver by date says Friday 21st, so still time to get stuff delivered before xmas[/SIZE][/FONT] :santa:

voted hot, ebuyer very cheap anyway

Ordered from ebuyer yesterday but the free delivery would not activate unless the ex vat value of the order went above £24.99. As per the advt on the main page, the inc Vat value should be above £24.99. Luckily my order just went above £25 so I didnt have an issue

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i guess people are voting this cold as you're unlikely to get anything … i guess people are voting this cold as you're unlikely to get anything before xmas now with the free super saver delivery - probably why they're doing the next day delivery offer too.plus the ireland moaners ;-)

Have you noticed im actually in ireland doh lol i know i wouldn't get cheap postage but it was an offer for everyone on the mainland


Search search … Search search search!!!!!!!!!!http://www.hotukdeals.com/item/123191/free-delivers-on-all-orders-over-24/all/all/hot/

In fairness, the other post states for that weekend only, so it's new for this weekend.

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yea thats why i posted it i didn't want to make a big deal out of it when the guy replied like that, as everyone would see it was for last weekend lol

If you order FREE super saver delivery (within 5 days) you WILL get your order before christmas, just so long as you order before 8pm Monday night i think. There was a table showing you when the cut uff times/days are for all delivery options.
They are always good at ebuyer, the order i had a fortnight ago came 2 days early so they might do the same with the one i am expecting on wednesday just so that they have the orders out of the way for x-mas. They aint let me down in all the times i have ordered from them 5* service etc etc

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even know i posted the deal i don't buy with them as they charge £12 postage to uk off shore and yet they charge the same for the republic of ireland when the royal mail and parcelforce charges same for Uk mainland and northern ireland but charge more for the south of ireland.

I had an order placed for an Oval TV Stand and paid for a next day delivery. I took a day off work and the goods did not arrive.

Then arranged for the delivery on a Saturday Which also failed to materialise

I had to chase them up as their online tracking system is never updated and all they seem to do is blame their contractors who do the deliveries.

In total I spent over two hours on the phone to these guys who kept making me promises that did not transpire and kept putting me on hold.

Their customer service is non-existent and un-professional. I would not recommend this site to anybody who wants a designated delivery time especially before Xmas.
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