Free Dell mini 9 with vodafone mobile broadband on 24 months with 1gb allowance (24 *20 = 480 - 90 quidco = 390 only)
Free Dell mini 9 with vodafone mobile broadband on 24 months with 1gb allowance (24 *20 = 480 - 90 quidco = 390 only)

Free Dell mini 9 with vodafone mobile broadband on 24 months with 1gb allowance (24 *20 = 480 - 90 quidco = 390 only)

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monthly cost reduced from 25 to 20. if somebody wants netbook and vodafone broadband then this seems to be a good deal. i choose vodafone because of reliability and they are the one seems offer upto 7.2 mbps download speed.
About this
Nab yourself a netbook. For just £20 per month on a two-year contract, you get a Dell Inspiron Mini 9 with Vodafone Mobile Broadband built-in.

Your super-portable netbook is packed with everything you expect from Dell - including Windows XP, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and webcam. It's also really easy to use - simply open the lid to get online, then close it when you're done. The internet is speedy too - up to 14 times faster than standard 3G.

Download speed (up to) 7.2 Mbps 14 times faster than 3G
Works abroad Europe and USA
Size 232 x 172 x 31.7 mm
Weight (g) 990 g
Mobile Broadband Built-in with speeds of up to 7.2 Mbps
Operating system Windows XP Home Edition SP3
Processor 1.6GHz Intel® Atom Processor
Screensize 8.9inch LCD
Hard drive 8GB SSD hard drive
Integrated Bluetooth" Yes
Wi-Fi enabled Yes
Integrated Webcam Yes
Upload speed (up to) 2 Mbps 22 times faster than standard 3G

Get a lot of internet for not a lot of money - just £20 a month gives you 1GB of Mobile Broadband built - in to your netbook. That's enough for 30 hours of web browsing, 60 tracks, 30 short video downloads and 600 email.


£20 for 1GB, not great. Also what if you outgrow the netbook and want to surf with another laptop, if the sim is embedded in the dell then this wont be possible or like what we do, I have a USB broadband stick but if the other half is working away etc then she can take the stick with her and use it in her laptop

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I agree 1 GB not great. Bur only for light users though.Also, dongle is embedded, SIM is not. Whilst on the move with another laptop,if you have spare dongle. you can insert the sim in the dongle.

24 month contract!?!?!

With only an 8BG SSD drive, you'll:
- find the SSD is slow and sticky with windows on it
- be very limited to what this laptop can do (i.e. pretty much *only* surf the web), and
- have to forever spend time cleaning up it's hard drive, e.g.:
- deleting things to make room for vital Windows and A/V patches and updates,
- struggling to find space for your files
- uninstalling and reinstalling programs you need
- etc,

It would be cool to play with for a while, sell on and upgrade, etc. but to be tied into this laptop for 2 whole years? You'd have to be mad to commit to that. Think about how much of a pain this will be to *live with* for 2 years!

The term 'high maintenance' doesn't even begin to sum it up, run for the hills (IMHO).

HOT from me!

We have decent wi-fi connection at home, and a decent PC in the Study, but wanted a mini notebook for basic web stuff from the armchair.

I could buy one new for £250 from Dell direct ~ or get the 1gb mobile broadband thown in, when you subtract the Cashback it works out to £16.25 month. At the end of the contract the laptop is mine to keep (or chuck in the bin ~ but i'll prob have Windows 7 running on it by then!

Plus got the ****** free 231 handset, which i'll chuck on eBay!
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