Free Dental Cover For Accidental Damage
Free Dental Cover For Accidental Damage

Free Dental Cover For Accidental Damage

You know that no matter how carefully you brush, floss and rinse, it won't protect your teeth if you have an unexpected accident. A sudden impact such as a door being unexpectedly opened or a trip on the pavement can cause serious damage even if your teeth are in perfect condition.

The treatments covered include:
examinations and reports
crown and bridgework
root canal treatment
permanent and temporary dentures
emergency treatment.

That's why our Dental Accident Starter plan provides such valuable cover. It gives you access to fast, expert help around the clock, no matter where you are we're delighted to offer this cover free of charge for one year. There's no catch, so why not give it a try.

Dental Accident Starter plan offers 12 months of free cover for the treatment of dental accidents that occur after you join. You can claim up to £250 for each treatment up to a maximum of four claims (£1,000) over the year. When you join AXA PPP healthcare, all claims will be assessed against the terms and conditions of the plan.



I should be careful on the pavement then... :grin:

Still around..

is this not for existing customers of axahealthcare plan.
surely this is not entirely free - no strings..

it is free, no strings. I joined this morning, had to wait about 20 minutes to get through though.

It's free, a new way of marketing the AXA brand... I work for one of our promotion response call centres... we call people to verify their info for the free offers. "Nothing's free in the free world..." I get so tired of convincing people it is indeed free... it is!
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