Free Dentalife Dog Chew

Free Dentalife Dog Chew

Found 28th Feb 2018Edited by:"HantsShopper"
Send off for a free Dentalife dog chew to see in Fido likes them before paying for them.

My dog has one daily since trying a free one a few months ago and loves them.
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never arrive
yve671 m ago

never arrive

Oh ye of little faith.........Mine did!
I wonder if they send more than 1 if you tell them you have more dogs. Worth a try, I'll put 2.
if you click on the "get deal" link on the orig posting it takes you straight through to the page where you enter your address etc. My free sample arrived pretty quickly. Hope your dog likes them. It's worth shopping around if you decide to buy them later. Ocado had a deal recently where it worked out at 14p/chew - some shops are almost double that but there are offers if you search them out.
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