Free Derren Brown "Mind Control" - iTunes Day 2

Free Derren Brown "Mind Control" - iTunes Day 2

Found 27th Dec 2008
During iTunes 12 Days Of Christmas, you can get a free download every day from Dec 26th - Jan 6th, including rare singles, exclusive live tracks, music videos, plus classic TV programmes.

Today we're giving away... Derren Brown - "Mind Control"

This free download is available for 24 hours on 27 December, 2008.

A master of psychological trickery and showmanship, celebrated mentalist Derren Brown will leave you open-mouthed at what he can make ordinary members of the public - and some big name stars - do with mere persuasion, re-direction and suggestion.

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It's 534.7mb! Bit crazy even if it is free. Mine's just finishing up now but I don't really intend on keeping it. Yesterdays was all right.

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Yeah, I won't even watch it probably lol but it's nice to get something for free.

The Ting Tings one was good, I hope more are music videos etc and not single tracks..useless to me them, lol.

is this a song or what he tells you how to control other people

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it's £1.89 in iTune store

Thanks. I wont bother downloading this one though as I wont watch it so there is no point!

I hate these kind of's all show biz: making people look like fools for entertainment.

And why would anyone want a free download of part of a series?

I haven't voted either way and hope it's music again tomorrow.

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Show me were it got posted first? x
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