Free Desk Calendar

Free Desk Calendar

Found 22nd Jan 2007
Simply fill in the form and they will get a desk calendar sample to you.


possibly looks like this...

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Thanks for that big_anth. :thumbsup:

I was having problems with the pictures on the site I tried to 'borrow' the logo but couldn't :oops:


no probs

if you want to edit you post click edit and add this link

gud luck

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Excellent, Thanks!

Love the avatar btw ;-)

Thanks very much for that! Nice one! :thumbsup:

thanku :thumbsup:

Thanks... :-)

many thanks;) great one

thank you :):):)

thanks for this littleterror

Good post but not signing up for it - already got 3 calendars and 2 desk calendars bought at christmas! Dont think I could handle another!!!

Added heat though because think it will be good for other people
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