free Desktop Pollen Calender to download from Zirtek

free Desktop Pollen Calender to download from Zirtek

Found 11th Jun 2008
Pollen Calendar
Pollen and spores from many types of plant can trigger the allergic reactions of hayfever. The typical symptoms are frequent sneezing, runny nose and eyes, itchy eyes and mouth, and perhaps headache, earache and blocked nose.

People tend to think that hayfever occurs in peak summer months but for some sufferers hayfever starts as early as January and lasts through to the autumn. Sometimes people do not realise that their symptoms are caused by pollen.

Each year the pollen and spore seasons follow the same general pattern.

If you find that you get symptoms seasonally they could be due to pollen or spores. It is useful to compare when the symptoms appear with the times that the different pollen and spores are in the air.

In the last few years the weather in the United Kingdom has been much warmer than the long term average so the flowering times for many plants have altered. For example, Birch trees have flowered several weeks earlier in the last few years than they did several decades ago.

This calendar gives you up to date information based on the pollen monitoring records over recent years from the sites of the National Pollen Network.

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