** FREE ** Dig In Seed Pack For Under 16's from CBeebies
** FREE ** Dig In Seed Pack For Under 16's from CBeebies

** FREE ** Dig In Seed Pack For Under 16's from CBeebies

This follows on from my last post but is for the kids

Send away for your free Dig In seed pack! Please allow 28 days for seed packs to be delivered. We only have enough packs for one Dig In pack per child.

This form must be completed by a parent or responsible adult, or with their consent. We can only send out packs to UK addresses.

The Dig In pack includes packets of seeds for planting. Seeds should not be eaten. There are a limited number of packs and they are only available while stocks last.

Lisa x


good find. My little girl loves planting so these will come in very handy. heat added

sent 4 , thanks :0)

thanks for the top tip - seeds ordered which should please the little people!

Thank You

My little girl spends alot of time in the Greenhouse with me so this will keep her entertained for awhile

Hmm, nothing saying the under 16 has to be human, and the cat love's digging!

thanks again, will keep the kids busy for a while

THANKS have requested

Thanks a lot Heat Added
My daughter Loves in garden and has recently just planted the "Freebie" Save the Bees seeds also.

Another good offer OP. Think the difference between this and the grow your grub offer will be the size of the seeds. So probably no carrots or poisonous things as children could eat those seeds too easily

Thank you - hope i get some!

Thanks, My little boy's first garden!

Thanks very much! My little girl loves doing this! :thumbsup:


cheers :thumbsup:

Thanks a lot x :thumbsup:

:thumbsup: Thank you. x

Thanks. Got mine Today.


Many Thanks, my girls love gardening

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