Free digital aerial photo

Free digital aerial photo

Found 31st Oct 2006
Got this offer in an email,not sure if code is unquie,but worth a try.
It worked for me,but it seems to send an email with a link to download map etc.

Hopefully someone can explain what it is you do with this,not very pc savvy.

But it would have cost me £25.00 but it took the whole cost off with code.I t does'nt take any credit details as no charge at checkout.

Special offer.

As our way of thanking you for showing interest in Getmapping we would like to offer you a free digital aerial photo up to 1km x 1km- worth up to £96.35.

To obtain your photo simply and follow the on screen instructions to select your required area (up to 1km x 1km) and click 'select products for your area'. On the products page add the digital aerial photo to your basket and click the 'view basket' button. Once in the shopping basket page add the following voucher code into the box titled: 'Got a voucher code' clicking the 'Go' button to obtain your discount.

Voucher code: NW/AP/ENN-734-YQF-957

In return all that we ask is that you email us with your comments and suggestions related to the new website.

Not working now,sorry guys.can this be removed.
- hotscot


Where you enter the code?

I couldn't find anywhere to put the code either...

Original Poster

I think it's in view basket

This only displays photo's from 1999-2000? Is that right?
Mine was an empty field by the looks of it...

Original Poster

Sorry not working now,it seems to work once only. As i said in original post.
maybe mods can delete this ....

When I viewed my shopping basket, there wasn't anywhere to put the code.

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Sorry not working now,it seems it was a link just to use once.
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