Free digital copy of Thor (2014-2015) #1 @ Comixology

Free digital copy of Thor (2014-2015) #1 @ Comixology

Found 6th Feb 2018
Get a free digital comic of the 1st issue of the 2014 Thor series at Comixology. Also available for Kindle

Who is the new and mysterious woman wielding the Hammer of Mjolnir? Let she who is worthy possess the power of the Mighty Thunderer! Introducing a Thor that the Marvel Universe has ner' encountered before. But is this new Thor Asgardian, or from Midgard?
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Great character , let down by some not as impressive stories and really weird interpretations of characters (Odin basically becomes a moron !) All Mother still in it and the other Thor's work well . Ignore any whingers complaining ab out a female Thor (We have had Bata Ray Bill (and alien Horse) , Throg , Storm as Thor and a number of others !)
What a cracking find!

I never thought I was that into comics, but I came across digital copies of Deadpool the other month and really enjoyed them!

I'll check this out too, cheers
Great find. Heat added
As a side note - Amazon Prime members can get it direct from 'Amazon UK', instead of the 'Amazon Comixology' website.…or+

EDIT - Just realised it's part of Amazon 'Prime Read' meaning you can read it at no cost whilst you're a Prime member, but you don't own it, so perhaps better direct from Comixology after all.
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