free dior backstage mascara

free dior backstage mascara

Found 4th Jun 2007
Just printout voucher for debenhams

Addendum - Collect from 19th June in-store
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This stuff is great - good find heat and rep left
[SIZE=2]dont all run to Debenhams tomorrow its from 19th June[/SIZE]

[SIZE=2]dont all run to Debenhams tomorrow its from 19th June[/SIZE]

I'll add that to the OP.

Thanks for the post pavilion!
thanks hun
thank you
Thlanks pavilion nice find :thumbsup:
thanks but i go away on the 16th for holiday:-(
helpppppppppp the link just takes me to a plain black page

helpppppppppp the link just takes me to a plain black page

Do you have flash installed? try visiting the site with firefox.
Direct Link ]HERE, still you need FLASH to open this page.
Link isn't working. Getting the white can not load page.
same down ere
I have tried both in IE and Firefox and get the following,


After a few attempts the page loads (but very slow, probably overloaded),
I enter my details and click submit and it appears that nothing is happening. However after 20 seconds a red line of text appears at the top of the form saying "There is a gave us. see below for details."


Exactly the same except I cant get the red text to appear.

I think that it is having connection problems (explains the 20 second wait - 'timeout'). I would keep trying or wait until the website is less busy.

Post if you actually manage to get the the next screen and receive the voucher.
I managed to get to the next screen, it says:

Your voucher has been sent to your email address. Print it out and take it to Debenhams to claim your trial sample.

Only thing is I don't have an email!
[SIZE=2]I cannot load the page not found. all the rest of pages working OK[/SIZE]
can anyone tell me if u can remove posts because my post has disappeared
i had posted a debenhams deal on tefal pans
where is it gone??????????
It may have been removed due that its been posted b4 alsa
thank u for the promt reply Pavillon but no this deal is not posted before.i just checked.
Cheers - worked fine for me
Hi, my friend and I both filled in form, got email and picked up our free mascara in store today.

The nice lady also gave us a couple of other free testers :-D

Thanks Pavilion.
cheers worked for me
Thanx...tried this the other day , but their server must have been on the fritz as went through fine today !
I've tried using 2 different email addresses and still no email received. :-(
hi, done and dusted. took it into debenhams and collected today. thanks op:thumbsup:
My local Debenhams' Dior counter didn't have any stock left!!!!:cry:
hmm today ive submited for free mascara lipstick skin cream and nail varnish,guess all i need now is a free sex change.
Picked mine up in Portsmouth Debenhams, they had a huge box full left. (no chanel ones left tho!)
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