FREE Directory Enquiries

FREE Directory Enquiries

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Came across this while searching for 0800 numbers

Simply call 0800 100 100 from a land line and ask for your number. You will need to listen to an advertisement to receive your free directory enquiry

Here's your ludicrously simple step-by-step guide to the service.

You call us free on 0800 100 100
One of our lovely operators in our UK call centres takes the call. This trained operator will then search for your required number
You then listen to a short ad
The number is now read out (This bit's automated)
If you're on your mobile, a text message is then sent to you with your requested number. An offer from one of our advertisers accompanies this - so you can take up this offer at another time
Should you want to take up the offer while you're on the phone, press "1" or simply stay on the line.
You'll also get an option to hear your number again


This has been posted before but thanks for the reminder.

Remember if calling through to any directory enquiries via mobile phone, All UK mobile phone networks [COLOR=Red]DO NOT[/COLOR] include them within your monthly inclusive allowance. So use ] to search for the geographical numbers instead.

Also for products or services - such as competitions, TV voting, helplines, adult entertainment, downloads, new alerts or interactive games - that are charged to users' phone bills or pre-pay accounts. Go to ] to check & view information about products & services that are running on premium interactive numbers & to get contact details for the company responsible for the service. They will tell you how they got your mobile phone number & have you agree to their T&C's.

As a customer service advisor for a major mobile phone company, I get lots of customers calling through to my company asking why is their bill so high on a daily basis. A majority of the calls are due to over excessive use of the monthly inclusive allowance set per month. At the end of the day, you pay for a set tariff price plan which only covers you for the set inclusive allowance for the month. Any extras outside the monthy inclusive allowance will be charged according to the T&C's of the price plan.

Had to add my bit as had a **** day at work with customers. Customers are not always right. :x

H&R added for the FREE deal.


If you prefer an automated free service 0800 118 3733

or just look online, i've not called Directory Enquiries in over a decade.


Free on-line DE

[url][/url] saay the direct number is 01635774800


[url][/url] saay the direct number is 01635774800

Useful for calling from Mobiles :thumbsup:

Tried it just now, said they were oversubscribed


Tried it just now, said they were oversubscribed

Yep. This is why I don't try this one anymore when out and about and needing a phone number I don't have on me. The service is rarely available.…956

i posted this ages ago. :?

but always good to keep refreshing people memories thou :thumbsup:

Very useful indeed I wasn't aware of such a (FREE!) service.

HOT + repped,

I use the online version too - but when you're out, that's when you need to call these services.

To call any 0800 number from a mobile and make it free - dial 01228 250 800
Wait for the voice then dial in your number followed by the hash key. It takes no time really and is worth the extra fuss.

just tried calling... Its been engaged for the last 5 mins!

TBH,,just use the net for such things,ppl r mad 2 pay 4 this,or wait 4 time on the phone.

Mr cool;7878485

TBH,,just use the net for such things,ppl r mad 2 pay 4 this,or wait 4 … TBH,,just use the net for such things,ppl r mad 2 pay 4 this,or wait 4 time on the phone.

Thats all well and good, until your out and about with no internet access
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