Free Disco Speaker (Just pay £1.70 P&P) @ Pringles

Free Disco Speaker (Just pay £1.70 P&P) @ Pringles

Found 31st Jul 2013
Pringles are currently giving free speakers when you buy two pack of promotional chips and enter the serial number of each in their online form and pay £1.70 P&P. I've noticed the code is something formality and you can easily change the numbers for a new code or even repeat it again and again. So basically you don't need to waste £3.50 (tesco price) for two packs (unless you really want them) and here are the codes for you to order your speaker(s)!

Code 1: L31550357601427
Code 2: L31510357502251
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Got mine when they were totally free including postage, don't expect much
Repost and has been on offer for months
'Just pay £1.70 P&P' It's not free then is it?
i'm still waiting (18months) for the free one from their faebook page....

nope never arrived!

have some cold!

'Just pay £1.70 P&P' It's not free then is it?

Only the speaker by itself is free. Hope it helps.
Good thinking!
Hmm I was thinking about that those codes will be used!!!!!!
But I got proceed and it's in post now!! only £1.70
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