Free Disney DVD with codes found in your DVDs - finishes 28/9/16

Free Disney DVD with codes found in your DVDs - finishes 28/9/16

Found 12th Sep 2016
Ive only just realised in all my daughters dvds there is a leaflet inside with a code for disney movie points. Every code give you 100 points. If you have 5 codes you can claim a disney dvd with free delivery. Site closes 28/9/13 so go check all your disney dvds if you havent already

You must have code and dvd barcode for it to work


Used all mine up when they announced they were ending it. To be replaced by something which will no doubt be a lot less worthwhile to the consumer, and a lot more profitable to Disney.

u mean free stickers or something is not better then a free dvd

had a few free dvds from them shame its stopping like

Yep must have had almost half a dozen free DVD using the codes. Shame it's ending

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Ive never knew about it but only started getting the dvds as daughters only 2 but great for a free dvd before they worthless

If anyone has any spares of these codes let me know cause I'm quite close to getting myself a dvd

Thank you we have been collecting the dvd classics for years never knew about this. Just gone through the boxes and have got 16 enough for 3 more classic disney dvds.:)

Had in excess of 70 codes, having bought every steelbook disney released in bluray format, aswell a dvd's from years ago. Each dvd/bluray is worth a different amount of points, based on normal/special edition/diamond edition etc etc. Disappointed they are stopping this service. Already owned everything they sell in one format or another, so I just used the points to get stuff and sell it on ebay. Unfortunately they have greatly reduced the available stuff to claim, so it literally is scraps on there now. Hot for the post though OP.

What's really frustrating is that in America it's still going & FAR better! you can get all sorts, not just dvds. plus you get points for every disney film you see in the cinema.

It's sad that disney fans outside the USA aren't treat the same. I knew they were going to close it down years ago because they started not putting the codes inside dvds (saying it was a mistake if you contacted them) & the dvds avaliable never got updated for over a year. they denied they were closing it down of course

i used to hammer this with a sneaky loophole. blockbuster video i owe you big time. used to go in and the display cases for rentals had the codes left inside. must have got over 30 blu rays in 3 months through my little hack. oh how i miss you BB

I am 100 points short of getting a dvd anyone know where i can find free points

thanks OP, have just been going through dvds and blu rays entering the codes on the little leaflets, annoyingly you need the bar code as well as leaflet so don't get all the leaflets, put them in a nice pile, then put all the discs back on the shelf. the leaflet doesn't have to match the disc so it's not too annoying.

what is also annoying, is that I've got 450 points left, but don't want anything less than 500
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